Nothing but Chia 

Nothing but Chia

If you just discovered chia seeds as a major source of nutrition and goodness, this is for you. Nothing but Chia gets into what these amazing tiny packets of healthy super food are all about and what makes them such a must have daily natural nutritious food additive!

chia seedsThis is something I have every day and I know it's doing me a ton of good, naturally. But what is it about these tiny seeds that make them such a powerhouse of nutritious goodness?

In this website, we'll be looking at that and other related questions about this amazing superfood and discovering what's in there that makes them so good.

What is Chia?

Here we have an edible seed derived from the desert-dwelling plant "Salvia hispanica." It has been cultivated as a food source in Mexico since as long ago as the time when the Mayan and Aztec cultures dominated the area.

The agreeable, slightly nutty flavor makes the seeds perfect for adding to foods and beverages. They can be sprinkled onto cereal, oatmeal or muesli as a delicious breakfast energy boost.

They can also be added to sauces, main meals with vegetables, rice dishes and even cream or yogurt desserts as well as being mixed into drinks and baked foods. It is also possible to mix them with water to make into a gel and stored in the refrigerator for later use.


By way of an overview, let's quickly take a look at the nutritional value of this marvelous food source that consuming every day will take you on a magnificent Health Ride. So what's in these tiny packets of power?

The meaning of the word "Chia" is strength. Folklore describes these ancient cultures using the tiny black and white rounded seeds to boost energy and stamina. This is accurate since the seeds are a highly concentrated food that contains among other constituents:

The seeds are generally unprocessed, making them an excellent whole-grain food that the body easily absorbs. One ounce (approx 2 tablespoons) contains:

In addition there are several important vitamins and minerals locked up in those seeds that the body can also easily access during the digestive process (information sourced from webmd).


These potent little seeds can be found in many places around the world from entries in a Canadian food gallery and other North and South American locations to Europe, Asia and Australasia. They are well worth looking into as a nutritional food addition in your daily diet.

Also, but way of continuing the theme of the original site from a few years ago, there are some product-related pages covering several of the small, seed sprouting planters that became so popular as you'll see from the titles below.