All about the Chia Daffy Duck 

All about the Chia Daffy Duck

I loved all the Looney Tunes cartoons when I was a kid and so when they came out with the Chia Daffy Duck, I had to have a couple of them. One for my official collection (and kitchen window) at home and one for my office.

Chia Daffy DuckMy cube at work doesn't get any decent light, so I had to add a pretty little grow light so it wouldn't die on me, but that did the trick. It's one of those brighten-my-day kind of things that I use to keep my spirits up when all I want to do is bang my head against the wall or rip out my hair.

My Chia Daffy Duck keeps great company with my Chia Bugs Bunny and a few other characters in one corner and it's hard to be in a bad mood around them.

Kids love them too, because not only are they cute and fun, but remind them of the cartoons that are so timelessly funny.

Collector's Information

The Chia Daffy Duck came out in 2003 and was discontinued in 2007, so this is a real collectible. Because production on this was so limited, they can be hard to find. Not impossible, but there are a lot few of them than some of the other Chia Pets.

Because they can be hard to find and you probably don't want to keep checking here to see if any are around any more, I'm also thinking about adding a sign up for eMail notifications when these are available. So if you're interested in having me do that, just add a comment below and let me know.

Where to get the Chia Daffy Duck

In the meantime, you might be able to find them here: