All about the Chia Puppy 

All about the Chia Puppy

The Chia Puppy reminds me so much of a dog I had when I was little. It has that same sweet expression and you really get the feel of the puppy with this Chia Pet. chia puppyI have a lot of dog lover friends and have given this as a gift to kids, as well because they really like having a puppy (especially if they can't have one because of where they live).

Collector's Information

The Chia Puppy was one of the first Chia Pets to come out in 1983. The original commercial that introduced it was really fun and that group included the Chia Kitten, The Chia Tree, and the Chia Bull (as well as the original Chia Pet, the Chia Ram).

In 2000-2001, the Chia Puppy came with the Watch Me Grow Cards. In 2006, it came with the Chia Alarm Clock for the 25th Anniversary celebration. In 2007, you could get it with the Chia Alarm Clock, the Mini Chia Cuddly (bear cub), or the Chia Watch. And in 2008, it came with your choice of the Mini Chia Cuddly or the deck of Chia Playing Cards.

Where to get the Chia Puppy

The Chia Puppy is a lot easier to find than some of the others and you can usually get a good deal on them here: