All About the Chia Scooby-Doo 

All About the Chia Scooby-Doo

How could anyone not absolutely love Scooby Doo! Well here is a Chia Pet for everyone who is totally in love with this popular cartoon ghost-busting and bad guy catching pooch!

chia pet scooby dooI've known so many dogs who were just like that - big overgrown kids with tons of enthusiasm and a very special innocence.

While I'm more of a cat person, I still love dogs (as long as I don't have to clean up after them!) and having the Chia Scooby Doo is kind of like having my own dog, but without having to take it for a walk in the rain, clean up the poo, or give it a bath.

They really caught the character and spirit of Scooby Doo with this version and that's something else I really enjoy. The only thing that's missing is that wonderful "Scooby Doo!" he says in that special way.

Collector's Information

Chia Scooby Doo was introduced in 2002 and has not been discontinued. Imran Naseem & Anthony La Rocca It's a stand-alone Chia Pet - meaning it has never come with any of the extra goodies (like the Chia Alarm Clock, the Mini Chia Cuddly (bear cub), the Chia Watch, or the Chia Playing Cards).

Where to get Chia Scooby Doo

I think they made a lot of the Chia Scooby Doos because they're a lot easier to find than some of the others. If you want a good deal on Chia Scooby-Doo, you can get them here: