All About the Chia Shaggy 

All About the Chia Shaggy

I always enjoyed Shaggy's character on the TV series and was thrilled to see him get turned into a Chia Pet Shaggy for all to enjoy.

Chia Pet ShaggyThis is one of my favorite Chia heads because they really caught the look so well. And the "hair" really fits it so well.

I was also pleased to see that a new series, "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated" will started airing on the Cartoon Network (United States) in 2010. So it keeps going!

Collector's Information

The Chia Shaggy came out in 2002 along with the Chia Scooby Doo and has not been discontinued. It's a stand-alone Chia Pet - meaning it has never come with any of the extra goodies (like the Chia Alarm Clock, the Mini Chia Cuddly (bear cub), the Chia Watch, or the Chia Playing Cards).

Where to get the Chia Shaggy

The Chia Shaggy isn't quite as popular as the Chia Scooby Doo, but you can get a good deal on them here: