All about the Chia Tree 

All about the Chia Tree

I remember when the original Chia Tree came out in 1983. It was in the first group of Chia Pets that came out the year after the original Pet arrived on the scene.

Chia Tree with StarlightThe commercial was really cute because it showed that they all had a tree just as if they were at home. I kept waiting for them to come out with other barnyard things like a Chia Barn or a Chia Bush, but they didn't. On the other hand, you can always get a bunch of the Trees if you want to make your Pets feel at home.

Collector's Information

You could get the Tree with the Watch Me Grow Cards in 2000-2001. For the 25th Anniversary in 2006, it came with the Chia Alarm Clock. And in 2007, you could get it with the Alarm Clock, the Mini Chia Cuddly (bear cub), or the Chia Watch. In 2007, you could get it with the Mini Cuddly or a pack of the Chia Playing Cards. Unfortunately, that was the last year you could get the original Tree. To make matters tougher, they are really hard to find now.

In 2008, the original Tree was replaced by the Chia Tree with Star Light. That year it came with the Mini Cuddly or a deck of the Playing Cards.

Where to get the Chia Tree

Mostly you'll be able to find the new Tree with Star Light on sale at various places. However, you can get a pretty good deal on them here:

Health Bites

Of course there's a lot more to the concept of these innovative novelty ornaments than just a means of sprouting the seeds to make cool looking living ornaments for your home. Behind the object lies a history of healthfulness that the special seeds can bring to people who discover their worth as a food source and more importantly as a nutritional source.

It has taken some time for the information to filter up through the layers of historical knowledge, but these days we have rediscovered this nutritional powerhouse that has been labelled a "superfood" for its nutritional and dietary health value. It pays to know things and when it comes to what you eat, it pays dividends to know which foods are the most potent, nutrient-rich healthful ones. And this is it!

Check out our own power food section for more information on this side of this amazing food source. And if you want to know more about your health and the way in which diet just happens to be the major contributor to it, here are some external resources you might be interested in:



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